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4 décembre 2020

Guess I never thought about it being a “thing” lol. How to Get Your Best Wash-and-Go Ever Cleanse or Co-Wash. All wash-and-gos start with clean hair. One can certainly have good results using cones and sulfates – it just depends on what your hair needs. Hey Beauties!! *WATCH IN HD* Welcome back to our channel today's video I'm sharing my quick and easy wash and go routine that will last 7 days!! And guess what sis? They made me sign in via my WordPress but I DON’T KNOW THAT NAME! After doing my hair, I usually exfoliate my entire body and use a luxurious moisturizer when it's time to wind down. Tweaking is the shiznit! Styling on super soaking wet hair can feel a little weird but when trying to achieve … Wash and gos are arguably one of the easiest looking styles that have actually been made to be more complicated than they really are. Applying a leave-in conditioner is the foundation to styling, especially during the months where the weather is more extreme. I had been having trouble with my curls. Use a Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Definer. Liza Friedman, the star of the latest Hair, Even if you’ve been kinder to your hair during quarantine, deliberately cutting back on heat styling during the work week, you may still be dealing w, The styling tool that sold out within mere weeks of hitting the market and garnered a waitlist of 133,000 people is on sale right now. I was like ummmm what…, Just buy the freaking books people and READ! Like Massey recommends throwing away your detangling tools – I can see that, but I also have a seamless comb (to minimize friction) and I personally refuse to spend the time it would take me to thoroughly finger detangle my hair, so I compromised and only use my comb every 1-2 weeks. I start by cleansing my hair in the shower with Amika Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner, a product I discovered and really love. I’ve done that before out of laziness or when on vacation. my reggie fluctuates, 1 week it may seem like im doing CG the next TC method…even still i may do none of it and be lazy…meh.. to each his own. I achieved this wash and go on dry hair!! I use shampoo once or twice monthly to remove product buildup. So, I said, My hair is a very curly texture, which I think makes people question my ethnicity. I noticed that when I tried to do CO wash n gos that my hair ended up FRIZZZZY and tangled. This drugstore cleansing conditioner is one of my faves. And people don’t know that you can use other cleansers besides conditioner too!! 2 – Curling Barrel Demo and Wear Test FAIL, Why Miss Jessie's Will NEVER See a Dime From Me (Okay they saw a dime or two), Question of the Day: Can I Use a Leave-In with Emulsifying Wax? Our four-step system will help you achieve Wash + Go of your dreams. CG has been around a looooong time. CO wasn’t “made up” in the NH “community” (you know I hate that word, lol) – Teri LaFlesh has a site and book about it. Do what works for your hair. You can’t expect to achieve a long-lasting wash and go if your hair is dry! I personally prefer to co wash only when I simply don’t have time to shampoo THEN condition. CurlyinSeattle from Seattle, WA. Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl and I were on the same page this morning. So funny that you would address the difference between CG and CO. ..I”ve been seeing a lot of these vids on YT lately as well, and was starting to get confused. I was so tired of people going on youtube giving misinformation about it being conditioner only for your styler. Nor do I want to further aggravate my scalp psoriasis. Repeat two to three times per week. And I’m glad you cleared up the CG thing and gel. All of these methods and techniques should be starting points, they are not written in stone and you will not be struck down if you don’t follow it to a T. I’m just saying. For more curly reading recommendations check out this post >, *standing ovation* i wrote a mini rant on this last night but i deleted it and decided just to post the correct information on the blog this morning. Conditioner only styling is the TIGHTLY CURLY METHOD. yep, blogs and yt are all ablaze with curly girl method these days. In my experience, it is important to get your hair very clean to start the process to remove … I just had major success with using just Tresseme naturals condish for my w&g and I can’t believe it looks so good lol. Have fun with your TWA!! If I need some extra energy, I'll blast my Kelis playlist. It’s Teri LaFlesh’s method – she has a book too – Curly Like Me. And now…for my rant…I have seen a lot of misinformation lately on what CG is. I put Kimberlie. Question of the Day: Conditioner Only Wash and Gos, Question of the Day: Tips for Retaining Length Without Protective Styling,, Black-Owned Alternatives to Devacurl Decadence No Poo, Twisting My Hair With Pattern Beauty and My Thoughts…, These Black-Owned Cosmetics Brands Can Have All My Coins, OMG Alert: Curl Junkie Released New Products! One of my favorites is, I aim to actively move my body and exercise at least five days out of the week. Therefore I watched TheBlackRawFoodist on YouTube along with Waterlilly 716 to get a better understanding. LOL. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, because what you do to your hair is your routine, and it should be tweaked to fit your hair’s needs. A wash-and-go is a hairstyle that enhances your natural hairstyle. Lots of people were inspired to try or re-try what had worked for her. OMG!!!! What kind of results? For a time, I never did a Wash + Go, because I didn't think my hair could … I just did a post on Carol’s Daughter about this, because I wanted to clear that up. If one decided to try the CG methond which requires the use of non-cone and sulfate based products. I guess it gets confusing with so much info out there!! Without the right technique, this style can be tough to perfect. Can you achieve the same results using products with those ingredients? £6.99£6.99 (£2.33/Item) FREE Delivery. I feel you on the CG mis-info! We diligently transition, Everyone’s natural hair journey is unique, and Carly Danner, the star of the latest Hair Me Out episode, would best describe hers as an “emot, A good haircut and color can make a massive difference in the overall look and feel of your hair. Perfecting the art of the wash-and-go is essential when it comes to fine-tuning your natural hair routine, and the first step is curating an arsenal of superstar products best suited for you and your … However, for ME, once I get to multiday hair with a CO WNG, my roots will begin to mat, as there is no product with hold keeping my hair together or clumping my curls to decrease tangling. I just wanted to clarify. When the timer's up, I wash out my deep conditioner. She also happens to be my celebrity hair inspiration. 4. My dad is Somali, but I didn't grow up with him. So I am curious about leaving it in as a styler now, and of course will try one that’s silcone free. And, you can even use stylers other than gel while adhereing to the CG method. Don’t skip the leave-in. I use it in my wash n go as a leave in conditioner. Thanks for answering. Just asking…. I've also discovered a passion for surfing, which benefits my physical and mental health. Wash & Go Universal (Classic Care) 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml- Pack of 3. The super moisturizinbg results that the CG method promises without the use of those ingredients. Yes it's possible! I went to a predominately white school, which impacted how I wanted to style my hair at the time. Thanks Elle! While deep conditioning… Thanks Elle! What are your thoughts on them? Our 5-Step Make It Last style system is the answer! Is a CO WNG co-washing and then leaving a rinse-out conditioner in the hair, adding nothing else? But using gel is definitely still CG, and not using gel can be CG too. So, leave-in conditioner it is for me! Wash and Gos take practice. Lol Life is full of training wheels! Anyway, there are no hair police, lol! *shrugs*. Coconut Oil and Kokum Butter blend with super-conditioning Coconut Milk and Plant Peptides in an ultra-hydrating formula … Now comes arguably the most important part of any wash and go: conditioner. Once my hair is cleansed and hydrated, I use a. "Some curl types can go a little longer without co-washing, and some curl types co-wash … Those moments — without emails, without your phone, and just with yourself — are so precious. But, she doesn’t say that you HAVE to use cones/sulfates, she just doesn’t exclude them. This cream-gel primer for the hair allows curls to be tangle free, defined and prepped. I think the latest CG and conditioner-only styling “rage” can probably be trace back to when MahoganyCurls returned to YouTube a few months ago after a long hiatus. They are different. While my deep conditioner is cooking, I play some music to set a good vibe while I clean up or read. Once upon a time, Seventeen magazine told me to lather only … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! My hair can get tangled pretty easily, so I end up wetting it with a co-wash to make detangling easier and to keep my strands hydrated. There has been a lot of misinformation spread about the Curly Girl Method, aka CG, stating it is a conditioner only styling. Follow our Shampoo with our creamy, custard-like WASH N' GO CONDITIONER. I was confused too until I read the book and got a thorough understanding of it and why gel is good to use. Reblogged this on derby city naturals and commented: Condition, Condition, and Then Condition Again. People are throwing out/giving away all sorts of products for the sake of CG and “conditioner only” styling. Apply a leave-in condition all over hair. I straightened my hair a lot in high school and college. But even if it was…doing what works for you is best! I love the ocean and I find it very therapeutic. Quite simply, co-washing is the process of only using conditioner to wash, condition, and moisturize your hair. "Conditioner not only helps lubricate, soften, detangle, and elongate each strand," says Dickey, but it also helps smooth… oh well, thanks for clearing things up. Rest is equally important, and I try to get eight hours of sleep daily. Every time I did CO WNGs for a week or so, my detangling session was always more difficult. Or do you just mean healthy hair? I purchased the book and took if from there and used YouTube and blogs as a references. LOL!!! Naturals use styling products, typically gel, to set their curls in their natural state. i didn’t even know there was a such thing as a tightly curly method. I think it’s great how open-minded you are about various regimens/methods, as in not slamming them, even if they did not work out for you. I realized CO is another techinque we made up in the natural hair community. The city is so hectic, and I try to find as many moments in the day where I'm not distracted and can have peace, whether that's through my beauty routine, journaling, or reading. Wash + Go System. The argan oil in the formula instantly adds shine… I usually play some chill R&B music like Sampha or Tom Misch. yes when i first went natural i believed that the CG method was thee only way to go..its not a bad method actually…but i just hated feeling “guilty” if i used something outside of the method. Kinky Curly. I rake through Ouidad's Climate Control gel, which gives me definition and hold without flakiness or … i often wonder what causes something to become the new “it” thing. ^__^ AND i found my 1st gray hair yesterday! ... 4c hair alyssa forever argan argan oil At home recipes Body Butter Body Scrub Butter buyers guide castor conditioner curls deep conditioner diy DIY Conditioners … If you don’t want to let go of wash-and-go styles just yet, here are a few hair care tips to keep your style alive and well in the cold. , yeap i agree Elle! Thank you I feel better now . Deep conditioning regularly helps to restore moisture, improve elasticity, provide manageability, and strengthen your curls. Love your Wash N' Go but wish it would last longer? When I moved to New York, I went to the Dominican salon for monthly blowouts, but I quickly realized that I was going to fry my curls. lol, its nice to know someone else is >here< with me . Leave-In and Smoothing Gel Review, Dyson Airwrap Natural Hair FAQ and Pt. Then, my go-to style is a, A big part of my routine also revolves around taking care of my body, whether that's through physical activity, eating a vegetarian diet, or body care. Conditioner … I’m trying the CG method but slightly worried my hair could dry out. 2 I agree with the previous comment that MahgonyCurls definitely help me want to do the CG method, however she had not started her Curly Girl Series (which is really great). I’ve known about the CGMfor years. CG is NOT CONDITIONER ONLY STYLING! I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for clarifying that the CG method is not conditioner only. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Gotcha. Only 4 left in stock. People are consistently confusing it with the Tightly Curly Method which is a conditioner only method. Worked out fine. You can wash however you want – a conditioner only wash and go is just that – only using conditioner to style your wash and go. But that is just the nature of my individual mane, I don’t think there is anything wrong with using only conditioner and my hair always felt great. CG is actually pretty loose, it’s not super strict. It all begins with the Coconut Custard Shampoo, which cleanses the hair and prepares it for further conditioning. So has conditioner-only styling. Have you ever done a conditioner only wash&go? Don’t forget to section your hair and smooth the product in … Stop waiting for everything to be spoon fed to you. It smells amazing and has a really nice slip. "This is to detangle but also to condition your strands; this round of conditioner does not need to be applied to your scalp." Cones and sulfates are not the devil. You can wash however you want – a conditioner only wash and go is just that – only using conditioner to style your wash and go. But if you are going to go the DIY or regular conditioner route, heed the following: DIY Conditioner 1. Yeap, I mean…you don’t have to use gel with the CG method, but I didn’t understand why people kept saying they “weren’t allowed” to use gel b/c they were doing CG. Yes!!! Curl Recovery Melt-down Extreme Repair Mask. Then, my go-to style is a wash-and-go. 4.1 out of 5 stars 7. Um, yes,you CAN be CG and use gel, people!!! I realized that these ladies all purchased the book and altered the method according to their needs. Funny thing is I’ve done conditioner and oil only.. for my pre-poos and would leave it in for a long while, and I must say, I really loved how my hair would behave and would hate to rinse it out. For those who aren’t natural the wash and go is a wet set style made popular by naturalistas. Thankyouandhaveaniceday, Thank you sooooo much for you using your blog to clear up the basics on the CG method, because this was getting on my nerves as well and it seemeed like the more people kept talking about the CG method the more it was diluted from its original form. Shampoo. Kinky Curly Curling Custard, $16, Amazon. (Ingredients and Formulations). Soaking Wet Hair. Down from its origin, 11 Of The Best Blowdryers, According To R29 Beauty Editors, 5 Hats That Will Keep You Warm Without Messing Up Your Curls, The Pro-Approved Guide To Caring For Natural Hair In The Winter, I Got A Custom Curly Wig & I’ve Never Felt More Confident, 5 Hairstyle Trends On Track To Blow Up This Winter, 15 Natural-Hair Gifts Perfect For Kinks To Curls & Coils, Ciara Just Ushered In Fall’s Coolest Hair Color Trend, The 5 Biggest Hair Color Trends Of Winter 2020, Hailey Bieber Just Endorsed 2020’s Trendiest WFH Hairstyle, I Got A Curly Cut With Highlights & My Hair Looks So Healthy, 4 Simple Tips For Growing Longer, Stronger Hair — Fast, The Dyson Airwrap Is On Super Sale Right Now. There’s also a new trend known as co-washing that … Technically, CG is avoiding silicones that are not water soluble, sulfates, and heavy oils that coat your hair. I have been watching these CG method vids, and don’t know why people are confusing that with Teri LaFlesh’s tightly curly method. During a, Wash Day Routine: How I Care For My Curly Natural Hair, As adults, we’ve learned that slightly changing small habits can make a huge difference, especially in our beauty routines. I’m 2 yrs post relaxer today!!! I decided to combine all three methods into one overall method, meaning, I would do the wash and go in the shower, I would use lots of conditioner beneath gel to try to weigh down (de-bulk) … I had to relearn how to wash my hair. I'd always get the ', I think it's expected for everyone to have a. Wash day, for me, is an opportunity to spend time with myself. I’m sorry, it’s really starting to annoy me. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (those things you mentioned above). This innanet is something else. IDK….you’ve said it best….do what works for you! My hair was changing and I couldn't find the right product … Question: Hey Elle! After deep conditioning, you can opt to put some regular conditioner back in … Another great article, Elle! Either way to get the real deal on these methods check out these two books: Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey and Curly Like Me by Teri LaFlesh. It does seem as if there was a lot of misinformation out there about that. Then, I starting seeing CO methods..which caused me to go back and revisit Lorraine Massey site. But as a fully Type 3-something natural who relies heavily on 4 and 5 day wash and go's, I can't afford to risk buildup from regular conditioner. Rinse until no product remains on the hair. Leave-in conditioners … Lord I don’t know where this friggin name came from! She was gone for a while and came back with much longer, fabulous-looking hair. The further along i get w/ my hair the more i’m enjoying doing my own thing. When the timer's up, I wash out my deep conditioner. Solved my curl issues. This curling custard is that one hair product … As long as they don’t contain silicones, etc. Yes, I have tried conditioner only wash and gos (which is only using a conditioner to style your wash and go – no gel or other stylers), and I think they are great! If you look at the Curly Girl Method book, Lorraine Massey recommends using an alcohol free or natural gel, and talks about gel casts on your hair. Answer: I really think I have answered this before, but I have seen a lot of buzz on the blogs lately about the CG Method and conditioner only wash and gos, so I might as well address this again. . After going through these few steps, you should be able to rock your own wash-and-go… It just kills me with all the information out here that people won’t just buy the book, take it out from the library, or sit in Barnes and Nobles to see what it is for themselves. She only styles with conditioner, but uses silicones and sulfates. A new way to wash hair called reverse shampooing or pre-wash conditioning proposes that you apply conditioner before applying shampoo.

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