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4 décembre 2020

How does Oracle select its customers for license audits. Why should I work with Redress Compliance? Oracle is employing the same model as their pool of funds contracts for on-prem licenses. Go to [...], Agenda: Most common compliance issues. The real reason why Oracle audits can be bad. An Oracle ULA can be challenging. Oracle ULA and Cloud@Customer Are the Same Thing! For full on [...], Top10 ways for how to optimize your Oracle licenses and save money, 5 secrets that will help you beat an Oracle audit, How to negotiate an Oracle Audit Settlement, 4 ways for how Oracle often inflates the audit figures. Time: 15:00 BST. Some examples of this are: Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service, and Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. Oracle Cloud@Customer – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Don’t Let Oracle Stamp Its Fake Policies On Your Contracts! Oracle License Management Training: Oracle Licensing Part 1 of 8, Oracle License Management Training: Contracts (part 2 of 8), Your guilde into third party support for Oracle Software, How to reduce Oracle support fees (work-around for repricing), Oracle Software – Vendor Lock-in #1 – Why you are paying for unused licenses, Oracle Licensing: How to license Java SE (part 4 of 8), How to license Oracle for disaster recovery, In-depth review of a real Oracle Unlimited License Agreement. We have experience in renewing or exiting [...], Why Oracle customers cannot choose to NOT renew the annual [...], This video tells you how to avoid getting your annual increase on your [...], This video deals with how to move around Oracle technical support [...], How does Oracle repricing rule work and why is it so difficult to [...], In this video we talk about the way Oracle locks their customers into [...], We talk about Java SE older versions, regardless if you need support [...], Oracle License Experts at Redress walk over a publically available [...], In this video we give you the basic overview of Oracle Master [...], We hosted a 2 hour online training course in Java licensing. Moving to the Cloud with an Oracle ULA; Oracle’s Significant Changes to How they License Java; Oracle ULA and Cloud@Customer Are the Same Thing! [...], In this video we talk about how Oracle selects its customers for [...], Oracle changed its audit clause for the first time in 15 years. Software Asset Management Tools and Oracle … that means [...], How to deal with Oracle ULA contract compliance issues when your ULA [...], In this video we reply to some of the most asked questions about Java [...], From the archieve, from our first ever video :) In this video we walk [...], This video was our first ever video :) we talk about the differences [...], In this video we talk about the value of purchasing Oracle software on [...], Restricted use contract terms are often a cause of future compliance [...], Brief overview over what the terms means and what is important to review, A brief video on customer definition clause in your oracle license [...], Instead start think how you can help prospective clients/customers by [...], We found a publically available contract and decided to give you our [...], Oracle has a license model for ISV/OEMS/Companies that own a service [...], This is a recording from a live class on Oracle licensing (db options) [...], We give an overview of what tools Oracle uses when auditing companies, In this video we talk about how to use Oracle VM to optimize your licensing. Even if the name suggests otherwise, the Oracle ULA is limited and one of those limitations is also time bound. Therefore, all Oracle-assigned IPv6 CIDRs can be considered public ranges by this definition. 1 – 5 years or perpetual), for a different or the same number of legal entities and for less, the same or more Oracle programs than the original ULA. What are the most important Oracle terms to negotiate? But how does it work if you have a ULA agreement with Oracle and you deploy Oracle programs in the cloud from such providers? Fredrik explains [...], Learn what tools and scripts Oracle LMS uses. Title: Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment Author: Oracle Subject: This document provides guidelines regarding licensing Oracle software in cloud computing environments from Amazon and Microsoft. [...], Overview for how to license Oracle Technology, misunderstanding the [...], We share tips on how you can measure Oracle Enterprise Edition options [...], Understand the basics of licensing enterprise edition options for [...], We give out a simple check list for how you can measure the basics of [...], This video contains the basics of Oracle Licensing and some exercises, [...], In this video we give an overview for how to license Oracle Database [...], Basics in Oracle Database Licensing Visit us at [...], This is a introduction video where we talk about different licensing [...], Introduction video to Oracle Database licensing, we hope it is helpful [...], In this video we cover what is the Oracle Master Agreement, what are [...], Oracle customers can have up to hundreds of different licensing [...], How to buy Oracle Software, how to look at Oracle price list, how to [...], Oracle, sales organization, vendor knowledge Learn more at [...], You need to understand how is your Oracle Sales rep compensated and [...], Focus is moving to making contracts pay as you consume, vendor wants [...], Must negotiate terms for any company in order to protect themselves in [...], We are giving out tips on what contract terms to negotiate with Oracle [...], Many customers make the mistake in thinking that the standard terms [...], This is from our live training course on 12th of Feb. We share how you [...], Must watch video for companies who wants to exit their Oracle ULA. Oracle License contracts on parent vs subsidiary level – what is the difference? This offer is good for customers of on premise CRM and HCM solutions who want to move to Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle CX Cloud. In the ULA life-cycle the cost of support continues to rise at a much higher rate than normal support. If you [...], We offer a real walk thru from a publically available ULA contract. Go to [...], License management training on Oracle ULA, PULA and Pool of Funds. – Yes, but it depends! At the end of the ULA term (usually 1-5 years after the signature date), you’ll be faced with the option to renew the ULA for another period of time (e.g. [...], Introduction to Oracle contracts and common compliance issues. 3 actions that can prevent you from being audited by Oracle, 6 reasons why Oracle is auditing your company, Why Oracle audits in the cloud is even worse then on premise. Why are companies non compliant with Oracle Software, if they are not expanding your Oracle usage? - Vendor sales [...], Before you start any negotiation you should establish your licensing [...], When deciding on weather or not an Oracle ULA is the right agreement [...], When you choose to go to Oracle SaaS its important you have the right [...], Can you get a better deal from Oracle in another country? If you have the [...], There is often confusion about when you are being audited or not. [...], How to manage Oracle license agreement and Oracle Master Agreement. If you want help from Oracle License Expert to exit or renew your Oracle ULA you can contact us https://www.redresscompliance and we book an online meeting. [...], A vast majority of companies who have signed an Oracle ULA, have [...], This is the big trade-off that you do when signing an Oracle ULA. The Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscription – All SaaS empowers your journey to the cloud, while delivering the most value for your training budget. Date: Tuesday, October 6th, 2020. Want to know more? Things like alternative open source databases, non-Oracle cloud, and third party/independent support are all possibilities that open up outside of the ULA. $8#�#�ۄ�D������DZ|�����Eo�!�n�=h�]�Ujm��ϒ��nv��>�4�qi�ѿ�\�p���r���wf��Y>��ݘ���8��ecLO4�Ip&k���k#�n��\��6��+�����lY�����ܵ2;*no�y��\��OðMr�yz��t���α��ٰ�m��_ ��b� 68�ȇ�����,�. The most common ULA term is three years. We believe it [...], Training course on Oracle licensing agreements and OMAs. What is Oracle hidden agenda by offering your company an Oracle ULA, Oracle License Management Training – Oracle ULA (part 3 of 8), Learn the basics of Oracle ULA in 6 minutes. [...], In this video we talk about what we see our Oracle ULA clients being [...], If your next Oracle audit shows you are compliant, then you will most [...], In this video we share ideas for how you can reduce your Oracle [...], We have good sources at Oracle, who shares with us their plans for [...], Oracle software deployed in VMware is the main source of [...], We talk about Oracle License Audits, Java License Audits, Oracle ULAs, [...], If you do not have knowledge about Oracle software licensing and [...], This is part of an 8 series training course that we host online. At the end of the unlimited period, Oracle will grant you a fixed quantity license on the basis that you have made a declaration of usage which Oracle … Will Oracle scan my datacentre in an license audit? endobj In [...], We share our knowledge and experiences in the third party support [...], In this video we share how you can work around repricing rule which [...], In this video we walk over how Oracle have locked you into paying [...], History of Java Different licensing agreements (BCL/OTN) How to review [...], Morten covers - Oracle database versions - Named user plus licensing - [...], This is a short video from our master class in Oracle licensing. Repurpose Technical Support. In case you enter into a standard Unlimited License Agreement, you will pay a license fee (CAPEX) and the associated support maintenance fee (OPEX). They were [...], We did a survey and wanted to share how other companies manage the [...], Learn the top4 reasons why companies are forced to renew their Oracle [...], Understand the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Basic [...], Oracle Licensing Expert Summit together with Version 1. In this video we cover how to license Oracle software when using Solaris OS. endobj Can you negotiate Oracle support renewals? ... provided the customer also would “purchase” a short-term Oracle cloud subscription – even if the customer neither wanted nor intended to use the attached Oracle cloud … What you should do today While Palisade Compliance does not typically offer broad-based recommendations like this one, times are different now. Oracle will refer to its “Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment” policy document as published online which states: Licenses acquired under unlimited license agreements (ULAs) may be used in Authorized Cloud Environments, but customers may not include those licenses in the certification at the end of the ULA … The public cloud solutions such as Amazon EC2 and RDS or Microsoft Azure are the most commonly used at this moment in time. Oracle Cloud@Customer – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Agenda. x��=�r�8���?��H[1C�x�J�j�$[��3əd��x=t��R" �J�9��m� ��h������j2m�7o^�ض��M}����lٶ����|��_�\��v�\����h���e[�OO����ɗ�/�4��I���gQ�d]�|��_���g�_�x��%e������L7���,� �3����/�����勇�>���q�%"�8}OT�H���*�L%��y���f|��f�5j���I5Z�9M�'b��G�����b\�Zh��sͯ��j�×�u O.ᕍn�L�+| ����bO��m|s��#���g�i��7�C��,5 |i}�C���D�[�^v�U�G���k�k�p����� For example, if you transition from on premises deployments to a (public) cloud provider like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, there will be a period of time in which there will be an increased license requirement. The value and and compliance conversations should be had with the overall ULA plan in mind, and should give consideration to whether the customer plans to renew or certify the ULA, along with the ULA … Standard Oracle ULA contracts often limit your ability to deploy in public cloud (non Oracle) – this video […] We have the best licensing minds in the business combined with contract experts delivering Oracle license management services to clients in 19 countries. We share tips on how to buy [...], We found a real audit notification letter online! Moving to the Cloud with an Oracle ULA; Oracle’s Significant Changes to How they License Java; Oracle ULA and Cloud@Customer Are the Same Thing!

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